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Kamis, 16 Februari 2012

AVG Antivirus Free Android Apk

AVG Antivirus Free

Description : Free download AVG Antivirus Free Android for your mobile phone at - AVG antivirus free is all about protecting your android from viruses, malware and exploits with real-time scanning. Including ‘findR’ to find lost and stolen devices on map.

Download AVG Mobilation for free :
  • Scan apps, settings, files, and media in real time
  • Find/locate your lost or stolen phone via Google Map
  • Lock and wipe your device to protect your privacy
  • Kill tasks that slow your phone down
  • Browse the web safely and securely
Download AVG Antivirus Free Android Apk size 1.3 Mb via Mediafire

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phone-app-3g mengatakan...

Every time I want to play online, I get a "Connection lost" message. Other than that, the game is pretty awesome.

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